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Don't WAIT to lose WEIGHT!

At Weight No More weight management services and nutrition coaching, we are passionate about helping people help themselves on their journey toward a fit and healthy body.  Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or maintenance, we are here to help!

Exercise alone won't  help you lose weight.  Whilst exercise is essential for a strong healthy body, strong bones and cardio fitness to name a few, without good nutrition you could struggle with your weight even though you are working out regularly.

There are so many fad diets out there and none of them work long term but they all work short term.  WHY?  Because you are making changes to your nutrition and calorie intake.  However once you reach your goal - what next?  Have you learned anything?  Have you learned portion sizes?  How to read food labels?  What's the cause of the weight gain in the first place?  

We will work together to explore the cause of the weight issues and find ways to lose weight yet still enjoy the things you love.  Scroll down for more information on our services.

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Nutrition Bootcamp

Group Nutrition coaching

If you want to change your life in any of the following ways, with the support of a group, then this is for you -

  • lose weight

  • get healthy

  • learn proper nutrition

  • how to read food labels 

    • and more

This course is offered as a face to face course (on hold because of Covid Restrictions) OR ONLINE at this link.

TO BOOK the face to face course, click on this link 

Starter Package

one on one consult $275

This consultation consists of an initial appointment to discuss your goals, assess your health and fitness and get you started on your journey.

There will be preparation for me to do for the second appointment which is two weeks later to give further recommendations in order to achieve your goals (which you should already be beginning to achieve at this stage). 

Then there is a final appointment at week 4 to make sure you on track and ready to continue on your own.

Ideally a 6 month commitment is optimal to ensure you not only create new habits, but understand why you have and support you along the journey.

See 1 on 1 client appointments for this.

Life Changer Package - Nutrition Coaching

1:1 Client appointments

This package means we will be working together for 6 months to ensure you not only achieve your goals, but are able to maintain the changes.  With support, guidance, education and your commitment to a healthy body, your goals can be achieved.

Includes weekly appointments initially, weigh in, body fat measurements, education, motivation, support and much more. 

his is a 6 month commitment to a healthy lifestyle, healthy body and a new you!

The cost of this package is $875.  Payment plans available.

To book either of these face to face options, click on this link 

or email Karen at or call on 0408866208.  Note you will be re-directed to The Music & Motion Studio, our online fitness business, for booking and payment.

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What to expect?

About us

Karen is a qualified Weight Management Consultant, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer (Dip Fitness).  She has worked in the fitness industry for 30 years and has a passion for helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle.

For a complete list of my qualifications, head to

For fitness enquiries I can help or go to our fitness webpage


Guaranteed results


Total commitment to quality


We strive to exceed your expectations

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Our Services

We can help with -

  1. weight management

  2. weight loss

  3. weight gain

  4. meal plans

We can work with you one on one private consultations or in groups via our Nutrition Bootcamps.

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42 Downey Street Alexandra Vic 3174


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