Don't WAIT to lose WEIGHT!

At Weight No More weight management services and nutrition coaching, we are passionate about helping people help themselves on their journey toward a fit and healthy body.  Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or maintenance, we are here to help!


Nutrition Bootcamp

Group Nutrition coaching

If you want to change your life in any of the following ways, with the support of a group, then this is for you -

  • lose weight

  • get healthy

  • learn proper nutrition

  • how to read food labels 

    • and more

TO BOOK click on this link https://musicandmotion.com.au/product/weight-no-more-weight-management-appointments/

Client Initial Consultations

one on one consult

This consultation is a minimum of 2 appointments $160 in total to discuss your goals, assess your health and fitness and give recommendations to achieve your goals.  There are 2 x 1 hour appointments with some paperwork to be done by you prior to appointment, and there will be preparation for me to do for second appointment.
You will then be on your own after that unless you decide to continue to work with me to achieve your goals.

Nutrition Coaching 

1:1 Client appointments

Includes weigh in, body fat measurements, education, motivation, support and much more.   This is a 6 month commitment to a healthy lifestyle, healthy body and a new you!

To book click on this link https://musicandmotion.com.au/product/weight-no-more-weight-management-appointments/


What to expect?

About us

Karen is a qualified Weight Management Consultant, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer (Dip Fitness).  She has worked in the fitness industry for 30 years and has a passion for helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Guaranteed results


Total commitment to quality


We strive to exceed your expectations


Our Services

We can help with -

  1. weight management

  2. weight loss

  3. weight gain

  4. meal plans

We can work with you one on one private consultations or in groups via our Nutrition Bootcamps.



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